Welcome to Empire Mochi!

A little about me:


If you’re a writer and in need of an editor, contact me! 🙂 I’m willing to help proof read and whatnot. 

Who: Mochi is food and anime obsessed (a slight overstatement) and likes to exercise and write random blog posts about random things in her free time. She also writes stories which you can find on Wattpad though none have quite developed yet.

Where: In your closet watching you read…No. Juust kidding xD I live at home.

What: A green tea Mochi.

When: ….

Why: No reason?

Likes: Food, anime, writing, drawing, being random

Dislikes: Concentrating for long periods of time, being bored


I’m REALLY bad about posting and being up to date so sorry if I seem dead for some time!


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