Welcome to Empire Mochi!

Empire Mochi is also known as the EMPIRE ACADEMY. Here at Empire Academy, you’ll learn all about how the Empire works, the history of the Empire, and the ever so important FAQ. The REAL FAQ. You’ll also (maybe) get the chance to learn about members in the Empire by reading their profiles.

Please do not get the Empire Academy mixed up with the Empire forum. The Empire forum is used as the REAL hub for Empire members, guests, and staff. The Empire Academy is just a place for the members and staff to tell about the story of the Empire – think of the Academy as a giant FAQ but a lot more interesting.

Also, if you’re wondering why the title of the site “Empire Academy” doesn’t match up with the site link, it’s because there was a slight mistake in matching things up…

ANYWAYS. Have fun here and if you’re interested, feel free to contact any of the staff members or Mochi to join the Empire.


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